Howto deploy patch to support remote powersocket?

  • Hello

    I have a SIS-PM Silver Shield Programmable Power Outlet Strip which I would like to use with sispmctl (port to FreeBSD can be found here) on my pfSense 1.2.3-RC1  box. Unfortunately, the device is recognized as a HID device rather than ugen.

    I found that there is a fix for this on the FreeBSD website, so that it correctly recognizes the device as an ugen device. I have however no experience in how to get this patch deployed on my pfSense box, and would like to know how I could do this.

    Another point to mention is that I have already found the topic [SOLVED] How to apply patch file? , but that doesn't work with my install (can't find /sys).

    Do I need to install /sys (how?) before I'm able to patch? If I remember correctly I didn't use the development option to install pfSense  >:(

  • I'm now in the process of compiling my own pfSense image. I hope I can fix it in the developer img, and then rebuilt the ISO with the modified kernel.

    I'll keep you folks posted on my progress 8)

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