3 Wan connections sharing same /27

  • I'm trying to do the initial setup of a 1.2.3 embedded pfsense box, unfortunatly as yet I don't have access to the WAN links, so I'm trying to get the config sorted 'blind' as it were

    The 3  WAN connections are from the same ISP, each WAN will be terminated on it's on ADSL router, with its own IP in a /27 range (range common to all connections). The LAN is in a private range and access to the net is to be NAT'd

    I have currently setup the 3 WAN connections and have them bridged (so all 3 wan share one interface IP on pfsense)

    I can setup the outbound loadbalancing ok (I think) , but the ISP can route the inbound traffic down all 3 lines, how do I setup the firewall to accept all this traffic ?

    Any assistance anyone can provide would be most welcome


    edit - I plan to manage the upstream capacity by manually splitting loads accross gateways (modems IP addresses), the loadbalancing will most probably be failover

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