Snapshot Server up but no new builds?

  • Hi there,

    what is going on with new builds for embedded? The last build for my 4G card is from the 8th. And even the other builds are not there for 12th or 13th.

    Any info on that? Still problems with the server?

  • Blame Fedex.  The new server might get here some day…

  • 15 minutes after I posted that, Fedex arrives and we have ourselves a server.  :)  Loading it up now and we'll get it down to the datacenter, won't be able to get down there til tomorrow though, then things will be back to normal.

  • Good news :)

    Out of curiosity… what are the specs of the new server?

  • Just a PowerEdge 2850, dual Xeon 3.6, 8 GB RAM, running ESXi. That's roughly equivalent to the box it's replacing, the bulk of its duties is building snapshots. Box is working well, I just need to get the blasted DRAC reset to factory defaults (always a pain…) and we'll have it down to the datacenter this weekend.

    The one we use for builds where very fast builds are more important is a dual socket quad core Xeon, also with ESXi.

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