Interface missing in Pool:Edit

  • Hi.

    I have a problem trying to setup outgoing Load Balancer (on 1.2.3-RELEASE version). For some reasons, not all my WAN interfaces appears in drop down list in Interface Name section:

    I have 2 WAN interfaces (em0 and em1), and 1 LAN interface (bge0). They all are correctly configured, but it seems like i'm missing something somewhere. Switching interface assignments didn't bring any luck.

    Any advice would be very appreciated.


  • Did you make sure the OPT is acutally enabled?
    Did you configure a gateway on the OPT?

  • Sure, opt1 in correctly configured and reachable from other networks.

  • If it's not showing up there it doesn't have a gateway (and hence isn't a WAN).

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