SPAMD config question

  • Hi all,

    First of I'd like to say what a great work you have done pfsense !.

    (I have RC2 installed). I just installed the spamd package and I'd like to have info on the lists. In my screen on spamd I have the lists I have configured (blacklists), but the first configuration line is just emtpy. Every field is blanc and the line can't be deleted.

    Is this normal behaviour ?.


  • I doubt it is normal behavior but unfortunately I do not run spamd any longer so I haven't put any time into it recently.

  • OK.

    When I try to fill that blank line instead of deleting it, the blacklist gets added just under the other ones configured and the first line is still blank.

    Weird indeed.

    I'try to use it this way and make some tests. Let you guys know if spamd misbehaves.


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