Problem with new install on cacheflow CA-610

  • ok so i found a thread stating that a bloke got this box working nice with m0n0wall so i assume it will work with pfsense. This model is K6-3D processor, 128M RAM, 2 ethernet interfaces (fxp) on the front panel, and a really cool LCD panel.  This is almost entirely pc compatible hardware. 
    The custom bios software redirects standard console to the serial port by default (this is the same behavior you see with the soekris boards for
    example). So i did a fresh install with the live cd 1.23. when it asked for which kernel i said one processor instead of embedded. hooked it up to thae cachebox hoping it might
    display via serial, the problem is i connect then turn the unit on it comes up

    f5- drive
    f1- boot

    so i press f1 but hashs[#] just come up, then after 10 or so secs the cursor starts to jump around like its displaying a screen but doesnt show any text
    what settings have i got wrong same results on putty and terra term
    thanks for any help guys

  • Make sure you do an embedded install.

  • Ok Ill change it over tonight

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