Dual WAN with Pfsense and URL Filter with IpCOP

  • Hi, there
                I have scenario as follows

    1. Dual WAN Configured using Pfsense
    2. Network Link connected from Pfsense LAN to IPcop WAN Interface (which is doing URL Filtering WORK)

    I would like to know, will it aggreegate and load balance the link speed using the above scenario, as Pfsense will see Only 1 PC i.e. IPcop installed machine is accessing internet, as other clients will be access internet thorugh IpCop Proxy server.

    Thanks in advance for help

  • Absolutely,

    It will aggregate. I have the same kind of setup with 3 WAN connections. I use SMoothwall in place of IPCOP.

    After creating load balancing pools and configuring respective intefaces try a download accelerator and see the traffic graphs interfaces simultaneously. it will use everything it gets.

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