Wan and wan2 help

  • hi guys im trying to set up a Rules and im new to pfsense i have 2 cable modems and from time to time i need to restart them i can do this by just remoting in to the modem by and my problem is when i do load balance the firewall does not know where to go so it does not work some time it does now how can i make a Rules that when i type in that it goes to the wan port and when i type in it goes to wan2 please help

    if that dont make any sense this is what im trying to say when i type in google.com i want it to go to wan and when i type in yahoo.com i want it to go to wan2

  • You should be able to do this by setting up two rules in AON specifically for the 192.168.100.x addresses; one rule for each of them, that forces them to go out the specific interface instead of going to the load balancer. Those rules would come first.

  • i have no idea how to do that can i get some help i work real good with pic ;D thank you

  • Actually, it looks like AON is not used in multi-WAN load balancing, it has been a while since I have experimented with it. Have a look at the Multi-WAN Guide on the doc site.

    Edit: Also you should have posted this in the Routing and Multi WAN forum.

  • i played with a bit and i got thank you for your help

  • since we are a community and we thrive on help from others, please post how you got it working so that others can learn.

  • ok guys i hope this helps

    go to your Firewall: Rules and then to Lan click add new rule
    here are the settings
    Action= pass
    Interface= LAN
    Protocol= TCP/UDP
    Source= any
    Destination= for the Type its Single host or alias and then in the address its
    Gateway= wan1 same thing as default

    now do the same thing for wan2 but change the
    Destination= for the Type its Single host or alias and then in the address its
    Gateway= wan2 same thing as OPT1

    make your the rules are on the top then Load Balance
    so this how you access 2 or more modems with Load Balance on
    i hope it makes sense if it done let me know i can trying doing a better job hehe
    oh n guys i could be doing this wrong but this the way i know it works if anyone know of a better way of doing this please feel free to share thank you

  • ok guys i have one more problem and if some can help me
    here is what im doing on my pfsene box i have 2 modems with loadbalance and 1 for xbox so all together i have 3 modems now how can i get the xbox to use the 3ed modems so i dont get any lag ok i know what you i thinking why not just plug the xbox to the 3ed modem well i have alot of video on my network and i stream them all the time so i want to be on my network but when play xboxlive i want the xbox to only use the 3ed and no othere pc or anything to use that 3ed modem but the xbox i hope all of my BS makes sense thank you guys

  • so you want xbox to use 3rd connection for Internet  but still access other videos on other lan(s)?

    the easiest would be to have it on its own network (due to the 2 wans load balancing), let it access only the wan3 and the lan. this only works if you can add another inf to pf. theres another way but its harder.

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