HFSC scheduler and burst support

  • I read in this forum topic:  that one can do this: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,11986.0.html

    Now to have some bursting effects on with HFSC you can play with m1 and m2.
    Let say that we have a line that allows the upload to burst to 2Mbits/s for 5seconds and after that it goes to 1Mbit/s
    then setup the qTotalBandwidth, in the scheme above, linkshare parameters to m1 = 2Mb d = 5000 m2 = 1Mbit/s
    Here the upperlimit bursting configuration is not necessarysince the ISP infoces that.
    If we wanted to enforce a 512 hard limit with a burstable of 1 sec to 1Mbit/sfor qSubnet1 we have to add this configuration to that queue
    upperlimit m1 = 1Mb d = 1000 m2 = 512Kbit/s

    I tried it in pfsense 2.0 BETA (latest) after using the wizard to create a simple 1 WAN 1 LAN traffic shaping config.  I went in to qInternet under LAN and tried to edit Link Share to 23Mb, 5000, 9.8Kb.  However I kept getting an error about link share parameter sc is greater than its parent.  My parent LAN is set to 23000Kb, and the Upper Limit m2 = 23000Kb.  What am I doing wrong?  My ISP allows me a burst download of 23Mbps for about 5 seconds then it throttles it to 9.8Mbps.  I want to model that behaviour.

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