Monthly Bandwidth Usage

  • I was looking at the RRD Graphs and it has some great stats, BUT since my isp has monthly caps, I'm wondering how can I track "per calendar month usage" or "per calendar week usage".  My old retired Tomato & DD-WRT & OpenWRT routers all has this feature, but RRD does not show any dates.

    Is there a way to make RRD Graph present the bandwidth with dates?  Does RRD Graph use RRDTool, if so I believe the latest version has this feature…

    I need dates to better gauge my usage, to prevent me from going over the ISP cap & determine whether I need to upgrade or downgrade service based on needed usage.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • The vnstat package will give you per month.

  • Hi Perry,

    yesterday, I was searching around and also saw vnstat, but the graphics were text based, I'm sure on pfsense it would have neat ajax looking stats.

    If it's not too much trouble, can you provide screenshots of the various menus before I can decide to install it?

    Also does it save the stats onto flash memory during an orderly shutdown?  Or better still saves the stats every hour or so….

    I'm sure MANY others would also be interested.


  • I tried vnStat - it works OK. But how do I change billing period? My billing starts on 21st each month, and vnStat starts counting on 1st.
    Manual says to edit file /etc/vnstat.conf, however pfsense reports File not found /etc/vnstat.conf So what do I edit now?

    P.S. I think pfSense should have this very basic feature (to count traffic monthly), since these days nearly all ISPs have monthly bandwidth caps. RRD tool is great, but it just keeps going and going. I want to know how much I used THIS calendar month, so Rogers Cable is not ripping me off by charging $50 in additional usage.

  • i couldn't get vnstat to do what i wanted either so i wrote my own script, i had the same problem with my billing period starting on the 19th of every month.,22908.0.html

    see about halfway down the page for screen shots, and the very bottom for the files should you choose to try installing it.  its not in a package, so its a bit of a messy install.

  • If only this package (or any of the others) could show you per IP usage for a month, historically.

  • @Sanny:

    you can monitor your bandwidth using ProteMac Meter.
    It;s really nice prog)

    Nice, but no good if you want to cut-up who's using what in your flat and bill people accordingly.

  • ^ Exactly.

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