Is a large drop count in qDefault on LAN normal?

  • I just implemented my traffic shaper as per,22119.0.html.  However looking at the Status: Traffic Shaper: Queues I see qDefault on LAN at 1350/pps, 22Mb/s, 0 borrows, 0 suspends and 10980 drops.  This is in 5 minutes time.  Is this normal?  I currently have almost no LAN traffic to the firewall except the pfsense admin browser session.

  • I am wondering the same thing.  It sure doesn't make sense to be dropping packets like crazy!

  • You can increase queue length to avoid that.
    Just be aware that it might impat latency. Values until 500 or more should be normal depending on speed.

  • I'm seeing the same thing. LAN interface set to 100Mb, child queue qInternet set to 22Mb (ISP speed) and dDefault with bandwidth %. Downloads come in at around 12-14Mb with shaping turned on, 22Mb with it turned off.

    I see drops also incrementing on the queues page. Where would the queue length be adjusted?

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