Cannot change monitor ip of OPT1 Interface in Load Balancing

  • By default gateway ping itself as their monitor i tried to change it. For the WAN it worked. but for OPT1, it doesnt.
    Whenever I try to change and click on save. the interface automatically changes to WAN and gives me an error

    The gateway address does not lie within the chosen interface's subnet.

    I will not be able to load balance because of this.

    what am i supposed to do.

  • You must be changing the gateway IP rather than or in addition to the monitor IP? I can change any/all monitor IPs just fine. The input validation message you're getting only checks to ensure the gateway IP is within the IP subnet of the chosen interface.

    There is one problem there.  But that won't keep you from doing anything.

  • By default it takes the gateway ip as monitor ip ,
    So when i tried to change that monitor ip  and click save on opt interface(wan works fine)

    The link given by you says whenever you try to change anything the interface changes to WAN.

    Thats what I am trying to say.

    I will install and check it once again.

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