Squid package feature request

  • Could we please get an option to set "dns_children" in the GUI?  Its very useful when you have a high traffic proxy server.  Thanks!

  • Squid package requests :

    • Support for URL RegExp ACLs, so that we can block dangerous file extensions and such.

    • Support for any type of ACL's? maybe just have a 'add an acl' dialog =) Filtering mime types would be nice, but only very recent versions of squid offer this … this is a must in cases like JPEG vulnerabilities or massive worm outbreaks

    • Squid log analysis/tracking package. Web usage by IP address (bandwidth/hits/history?) This may seem to be a big bigbrotherly to some, but there is definately a demand for tighter control in corporate environments.

    • If none of them possible at the moment, what about a 'squid configuration editor' tool that would just open the 'text' version of the configuration? I would find this more confortable than having to hardcore rules in the config.xml file.

    Just ideas ...

    Thanks for the great work -


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