Traffic shaper - traffic going to wrong queues

  • the problem im facing with traffic shaper is that i got 4 lan ips and 1 wireless bridged to lan

    lan ip - / .26 / .27 / .28
    wireless bridged to lan ip -

    u cans ee the screenshots of my alias as well as firewall rules,a ccording to it traffic from all the above ip should end up in the p2p queue but it doesnt, it goes to the other queues which handle http, dns etc etc

  • What direction have the rules on the floating?
    What rules do you have on LAN?
    What rules do you have on WAN?

    It might be just your issue!

  • what i think is the lan traffic might be going to the proper queue but wireless bridged to lan doesnt after further research

    all rules and direction shown in images below

  • You need to move the 3rd floor inbound rule to OPT1 or click the 'quick' option on the rule under floating.

  • r u sure the 3rd floor inbound rules needs that quick option ticked and not the 3rd floor outbound as what i understand is, the source being any and destination is 3rd floor for inbound so it would match that on 2 interfaces, LAN and OPT1 that too traffic between LAN to OPT1 and OPT1 to LAN.

    simply moving the 3rd floor rules to top wouldnt help rather than ticking quick?

    after making the change u suggested i still see the wireless client bridged to lan still showing traffic in other queues and not the p2p and also could u plz show me how to move rules from floating to other sections like WAN and LAN etc

  • plz forgive me if i have got myself confused and completely misunderstood the directions and the traffic flow.

    just got myself revise the fundamentals.

    basically in floating rules it applies to all interfaces but the direction is important so as to know which packet to match with what rule automatically. so i played with those rules a bit more and what i did is placed my local pc ip in the 3rd floor alias group and with the same rules as given in the screen shots earlier, the traffic from/to my local pc needs to endup in the p2p queue but it doesn't, it goes to the queue for http traffic so is it that alias group thing is having the bug or do i need to tick that quick match option because 2 matches r found as http traffic as well as the 3rd floor alias group traffic?

  • i usually check if the traffic goes to proper queues using the queues page but is there any other way to check accurately in which queue the traffic is going and that too with a lower interval value?

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