2.0 ACPI Errors

  • I have an old Compaq workstation that I'm trying to use as a pfSense box.

    I've installed 2.0 Beta and have a few issues so far:

    1. When Shutting down or rebooting, it never seems to complete.  I have to physically hold down the power button for a while to get it to power off, then I can power it back on normally.
    2. When running a speed test (at speedtest.net), on the download test when it gets to the higher end of the test, I start getting these errors on the console and in my log:

    Jan 17 22:28:58 kernel: ACPI Error: Illegal I/O port address/length above 64K: 0x0x400020/4 20090521 hwvalid-241
    Jan 17 22:28:58 kernel: ACPI Exception: AE_LIMIT, Returned by Handler for [SystemIO] 20090521 evregion-531
    Jan 17 22:28:58 kernel: ACPI Error (psparse-0633): Method parse/execution failed [_GPE._L09] (Node 0xc428eb80), AE_LIMIT
    Jan 17 22:28:58 kernel: ACPI Exception: AE_LIMIT, while evaluating GPE method [_L09] 20090521 evgpe-705

    I'm using a 3COM card for my WAN interface, and the on-board for my LAN interface.

    This motherboard uses an ATI chipset with an AMD processor.

    I've tried adding the command to disable acpi in /boot/device.hints, but then it wouldn't completely boot up.

    Any other suggestions?


  • Nevermind - Using this box for pfSense is probably not a great idea anyhow.  I have a net4801 that I'm going to try the nanobsd version on instead.

  • Either hardware bugs or FreeBSD ACPI bugs, you'll have to replicate on a stock FreeBSD and report there to get it fixed. BIOS update might fix it.

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