Traffic shaper limits

  • If i say www traffic gets 50% of my bandwidth and voip gets 50%, does this mean they never use more than they are set to? If im not making a voip call will www traffic use 100% of my bandwidth?

  • I would think no, because you specified rules that each service gets 50 percent, then it has dedicated half your bandwidth to VOIP only. its partitioned your traffic. At least that's how I see it. I tried this with torrents and it seems to be that way. Instead of using percents I allocated a set number: 3Mb…it's the same diff. the 3Mb or yoru 50% is the Upper Limit. the rest of the traffic is for torrents. Using, while running my torrents, I saw near 3Mb speed.

    If there is no VOIP traffic and you wanted WWW to take all, I would think you would have to "borrow" that bandwidth.

    If you dont get what I mean, then put it this way:

    There are 3 glasses in front of you. The first glass is full of water (your total bandwidth). You want half of that glass of water to be for yourself, so you pour 50% of it in the second cup.

    You want the remainder of your bandwidth (which is now half empty) to be dedicated to a guest, so you pour the remainder in the 3rd cup. Now you have 50% of that water to do whatever you want. If you want more, and your guest isn't using their half of water, you can borrow what you need. If you need 25% of their 50%, you will take it, but if your guest decideds to start using their water, they will take their 25% back.

  • I've read the qos sticky and it does mention borrowing. Does anyone know if the default traffic wizard enables borrowing?

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