Nat is not forwarding ports properly from external ips to internal ips

  • I have set up my pfsense and i am able to surf the internet, but none of my nats are working
    I have a block of staic IP's 16 i believe

    ..*.130 /27 is my wan

    I only need external ip's nat, so i went to virtual ip and added other to set up the ip.

    Then I went to nat portforward to set up the individual ports.
    Did i miss something here?

  • Do you have added Virtual IP Addresses for your static ip's? I had the same problem, after setup the IP's as virtual IP's it was working fine.

  • not sure what you are asking i have saet up virtual ip's for the static external ip's  ..*.131/32  and so on then i just did port forwarding

  • Do you have a NAT network behind your pfSense? Is your surf computer in a translated network? Can you draw a little network diagram?

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