Public IP on DMZ?

  • Hi all, I've been evaluating pfsense to replace my linux box as gateway/router.

    I got /28 public IP from my ISP (lets say it's x.x.x.[0-15]), but it's routed through a private net address (lets say it's; is the ISP's gateway, and for my IP).

    Here's my linux box's setup:

          ------ eth1 - Linux Box - eth0 -------
          |   (x.x.x.14)       ( |
          |                                    |
         DMZ                                  LAN
        (x.x.x.0/28)                        (  

    The LAN section was NATed to x.x.x.1 (in linux it's an IP alias in eth1 ).
    (Actually the LAN section is more complicated with several networks, but I figure if I can make this work, it will be easy ).

    My goal is to replace the linux box with pfsense.
    I tried pfsense (Advanced NAT, VIP, set ISP gateway as default gateway, allow all rulez) but somehow I can't even ping host that was in other networks or even any other server in internet. I can ping any IP that are located in the pfsense box.

    Now, since I have no idea where to start, can anbody give me a clue?

    (BTW, I did try a configuration using monowall, same network as above but without the LAN part (only WAN and DMZ (as LAN in monowall)), and it worked)

  • OK, so far i manage to ping from LAN to DMZ and to WAN.
    Apparently, when I assign 3 VIP to the DMZ interface, ifconfig only shows the last VIP, not 4 (it should be the original DMZ IP and 3 VIP). Reassigning DMZ IP work (but only 1 VIP)
    I still can't ping DMZ and Inet from other network connected through LAN network.

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