Droid has no Internet connectivity

  • I'm sorry to revive an old post, and especially on my first post on this forum.

    I have a pfSense box serving only as a firewall/gateway.  Wireless is handled by a Buffalo with DD-WRT.  My Motorola Droid running Android 2.0 gets an IP address via DHCP (from a Windows DHCP server), but is unable to access the internet.

    All other wireless devices, including iPhones, work without issue.

    What information can I give to help get this figured out?

  • Your phone has the correct default gateway?

    Please elaborate on "can't connect to the internet": can't download a web page? can't ping by hostname? can't ping by IP address? can't send mail? can't look at email inbox? etc etc

    Can you connect to pfSense web GUI?

  • Split into new topic as it was completely unrelated to the hijacked thread (please don't append to another thread unless it's clearly identical, this isn't even close to the same).

    As for the problem: wallabybob posted some good questions, not enough info here to tell you anything.

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