Hi. I need help. Please help me…..

  • Hello. Please help me to solve this problem. I dont know what i have to do. My problem is when I try to install 2.0 alpha latest version with Free BSD 8.0 By live CD.

    It always showing me this error message.

    KDB:enter: panic

  • at that db> prompt, type bt and hit enter. Type what it shows here (yeah it will be a bit arduous to type, unfortunately since it happens with the live CD you can't easily get a serial console on it to be able to paste).

  • Thank you sir for your kind help.

    Yes i did exactly what you have said. but after i typed bt..

    Next error message is….

    mi_startup() at mi_startup+0x96

    btext() at btext+0x95


    now what i have to type? please help me. so that i can install alpha 2.0.

    can you tell me why i am facing this kind of problem. before i install 1.2.2. there was nothing such kind of problem.

    Truth is i don't like to lose benefit of Pfsense. Thats why i am bothering you sir.

    I hope with your guide i can install pfsense 2.0

    My my major aim is to install 2 wan connection with one lan. thats it. i dont need to any traffic shapping but i need load balance with fail over.

    Thank you sir. and take care

  • The db> prompt is from the FreeBSD kernel debugger. There is a number of commands you can type there, including the already mentioned bt and reboot (to restart the system).

    Unfortunately you haven't really provided enough information for it to be useful. I suggest you powerup the system. The next time it stops displaying a db> prompt, copy down the whole screen (or take a clear digital photo) and post here. Then type bt (back trace, displays the call stack) and copy EVERYTHING from the previous db> prompt to the next db> prompt and post it here. The bt command will show the cal stack giving some information about how the system go there. Its possible the previous db> prompt has disappeared off the screen, if so, please note that in your post. Again, a clear digital photo of the screen would be OK.
    Also, please indicate as precisely as you can, which build you are using (e.g. the full name of the file you downloaded). pfSense 2.0 went from Alpha to Beta before Christmas 2009 so "the latest alpha build" is an ambiguous description.

  • I didn't catch the alpha part, yes, make sure you have the newest snapshot before going any further, there were many panics fixed in December and a couple in January.

    bt isn't going to magically solve your problem, it'll gather info so someone can see what's triggering the problem. A clear picture of the monitor is the best option, rather than having to type out everything it shows.

  • thank you very very much sir for you kind. but i think i should wait little bit for more satable version. I am going back to my old 1.2.2 version. its much batter for me. I just wanted to use 2.0 version for multi wan. but I i will test with my another old pc and i will try to submit the result why i am facing this kind of problem. Once again thank you. take care and ba bye

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