Traffic shaping dependent on static DHCP leases.

  • Im wondering if this is possible, and in that case how?

    I have a network were I have some computers that really don't need any traffic shaping and some that really does. All the computers that don't need it have static IP from the router, based on MAC and are otherwise so locked down that they don't represent any trouble. They are within the range

    However, this network is used by a lot of people with their own personal laptops, and such users tend to run torrents/p2p etc, and they use a little more of available bandwith than I want them to use. I want them to have a smaller portion of the bandwidth for http/web and so slow that its no use for the rest.

    All computers is on the same subnet, as there are some filservers they all need connections to.

    Any ideas to how to do this? Preferably an "easy" solution so I can add more static leases w/o rewriting the entire thing.

    edit: the pfsense router I have is version 1.2.2

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