Dual LAN bridge help

  • My current setup is such that I have 1 WAN with 2 LANs(OPT1 and LAN). I would like to bridge OPT1 to LAN so that clients on both are on the network. I have gone to the OPT1 interface screen and selected bridge to LAN. I don't want pfSense to filter the traffic so it just functions as a router. I have disabled filtering. I can't get any communication between OPT1 and LAN. Any suggestions?

  • Did you really disable filtering or did you remove all the firewall rules on those interfaces?  The default rule is to deny everything.  You'll need to add explicit allow rules to allow traffic arriving on OPT1 to go to LAN and vice versa.  I have a similar config (VLAN bridged to LAN) and with the appropriate rules it works fine.

  • Yes filtering is completely disabled. The problem was solved, there was an issue with my vlan setup on my switches.

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