Multiwan options

  • hi all

    this is definately not a pfsense issue but its similar.

    on my airlive multiwan appliance there are options for the interfaces when combined:

    Per packet
    Per Session
    Per traffic
    Per destination ip
    per source ip

    if you pick ANY of the per items above you'll then get another option: "Saturated connections" which sort of makes some sense and then there's wan1, wan2 priority.

    now, i have two connection that i am using. one is pppoe over wireless which is not so fast and the other is a vsat connection which is slightly fast but the pppoe has lower latency
    what i really want to figure out is simple explanations for those options. the manual does a HORRIBLE job.

    i am obviously doing this because the appliance is a zillion times easier than even trying to do it on pfsense…

    any help is greatly apprciated.

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