PfSense PPPoA support on WAN port

  • Hi all,
    I need to connect a pfSense (1.2.3-release) box to an ADSL line unsing PPPoA protocol only. I'm trying to use a NETGEAR DG834 in bridged mode and the Ermal patch posted at this link:,8255.msg47982.html#msg47982

    Applying this patch I get just one "reject", I think it was designed for an older version of pfSense. I have manually adjusted it but it seems not to work correctly i.e. in the Ststus->Interfaces>Wan the connection is not established, even if I click on Connect.

    Is there any new patch for 1.2.3-release or some other way to make PPPoA work with pfSense? What about pfSense 2.0 and PPPoA support?
    Thanks a lot.


  • This is a fair question.  Will there be PPPoA support in 2.0?

  • @valnar:

    Will there be PPPoA support in 2.0?

    No plans for that. Not sure if mpd can handle that or how much work it would be.

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