Will IPv6 be NAT-able when it is in pfSense?

  • Some might call me paranoid, or what-not, but I'm wondering a few things about IPv6 and pfSense (or any other routing/firewall software).

    I've done my Google-ing, and searching around, and I'm not quite sure what to make of the answers I'm pulling up.  I'm not too keen on someone even knowing how many machines anyone else has behind a connection, regardless of what type of connection it is.  I know that my ISP was trying to charge people more money for having home networks, for instance – even though they didn't support the networks or do anything special for what they were charging.  There are other uses to not having the world seeing or reaching computers behind the firewall/router as well.

    I know that there are ways to circumvent the privacy and security, as I'm sure that if an ISP really wanted to determine how many devices were behind a connection they could just analyze the packets and all.

    So, my question is if IPv6 will have NAT capability, and if so, if pfSense will support it?  Or maybe if there is another way of keeping nosy people out?

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