Will something like Ziproxy work on pfsense?

  • I'm thinking about installing ziproxy… Its basically a proxy server that compresses text and images while also optimizing html and css code. For one thing... I don't really yet know how it works as I would think it would only be of a benefit if it connected to a proxy server. It it was a proxy server then I really don't understand its purpose because it does not do caching. And speaking of that, I'd need it to work with squid.

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you can pkg_add it and get it to work as a parent cache with squid, it may be fine. I'm not familiar with that product though, not sure what issues you might have.

    It's in the FreeBSD ports tree, so your chances are probably fairly good, but as usual when you get into such territory, nobody can help you very much when things go awry :)

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