DynDNS not showing updated IP address

  • PFSense is in a test environment and hasn't been deployed in the network yet.

    Wan interface is connected to the local network, and a testing computer connected to IPSense on it's LAN interface. So the test computer is double NATed. That's fine for now.

    I set the DynDNS client in PFSense to use OpenDNS and it updates perfectly and filters, and white/blacklists and such work like it should. However, this isn't a BIG issue, but the problem arrises that the "Cached IP" field doesn't seem to be parsing the detected Internet IP. Nothing is shown other than N/A.

    Is this by design when PFSense is connected to another router on it's WAN interface? Or should it actually be showing the response from dyndns_wanopendns.cache (assuming the cache update was successful)?

  • I've had a few issues with the DynDNS client myself, but haven't been bothered to say anything about it. My bad.

    Anyways, I have 2 WAN connections and in the OpenDNS control panel, I have both networks setup, one is called geeknik1 and the other is called geeknik2.  I put all the info in the pfSense DynDNS client, username, password and the network name, and only one of my IPs is ever updated, the other one shows a "badauth" error according to OpenDNS even though both passwords on my end are the same and match the OpenDNS password.

    Also, the cached IP field always shows N/A. :)

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    If there are no tickets open for these issues (and I think there is a ticket for at least the IP not showing) you should probably open one at http://redmine.pfsense.org

  • ok. I searched the tickets and there didn't appear to be any similar tickets that related to this particular one, but I just wanted to check with somebody to see if it was, for some reason, by design.

  • Must be related to OpenDNS and the Dynamic DNS Client only.

    My DynDNS (Dynamic) is working with the cached IP showing properly.

  • Thats one of the bugs that I said are "close" to what i'm experience, though i'm no coder, that bug is specific to color. Mine just doesn't get parsed and stays at n/a.