Unable to set pfsense to

  • After instalation, if I try to set my lan card to I get ping (2ms) but I can't connect to webgui? If IP is changed to anything else then it's working. I was used to set my router (gateway for clients) to so is it possible to set it to 1?

  • pfSense's ip is

    You need to setup your machine in the same subnet.

    For example, setup your machine to

  • Sure, I know that, but my wireless network is 192.168.0.xxx so I want pfsense
    If it works fine on it should work on Weird. Will check  again everything.

  • How will that work?  Its on a different subnet.

  • i have been using my pfsense box on ip from since beta 4. it works just fine. just need to set ur lan ip on ur pfsense box correctly and are u using the pfsense dhcp server ? if ur setting ur ip manually did u set ur gateway and dns entry to point to ur pfsense box ? if ur using dhcp did u release and renew ur lease after changing the pfsense ip? if done correctly it should work.

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