Wrong version seen by AutoUpdate?

  • Just manually installed latest full update: pfSense-Full-Update-2.0-BETA1-20100122-0826.tgz with a timestamp of 22-Jan-2010 08:27.

    After the reboot the Dashboard told me that there was an update available with a timestamp of 22-Jan-2010 09:53.

    The only files I could see with that timestamp are the  MD5 and sha256 files for pfSense-2.0-BETA1-1g-20100122-0945-nanobsd-upgrade.img.gz which has a timestamp of 22-Jan-2010 09:50

  • My autoupdate keeps seeing a new update and it will download and say it's updating, but when it reboots, it is the same version that was previously installed and is still seeing the "new" update that apparently doesn't exist.

  • It's been this way for a while now - I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it's because the file that stores the date/time of the latest build, created by the script that creates the update images, is created after the binary image(s), so the timestamp in the file will always be around 1.5 hours later (which, I presume, is how long it takes to do all the compilation and such).

    Here are the current times for the update files, so you can see what I mean:

    	Name					Last modified			Size
    [ ]	latest.tgz				22-Jan-2010 08:27		73M
    [ ]	latest.tgz.sha256		22-Jan-2010 08:27		109
    [ ]	version				22-Jan-2010 09:53		29

    I've gotten used to checking how big a time difference there is between the current version and the "new" version before upgrading; I assume that it's erroneous if it's any less than 2 or 3 hours ;)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    This is a known quirk, but the last time it was worked on, several other parts of the build process broke.

  • Just to clarify, aside from the timestamps, I thought it was interesting that autoupdate seemed to think the nanobsd update was applicable to my i386 install.

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