2 LAN and 1 WAN

  • We have 1 Internet connection (T1) and two companies.  I wish to separate each company into its separate LAN.  One firm already has Active Directory and DHCP on their network, and the other does not not - just workgroup.  On the firm with only workgroup, I wish to use pfSense's DHCP to assign their IP addresses and leave the other firm's DHCP in place.  How can I ensure than I separate the two LANS and ensure one firm uses pfSense's DHCP and the other LAN use it's own DHCP range.


    LAN 1:  Active Directory / own DHCP /
    LAN 2:  Workgroup based / use pfSense DHCP /
    WAN:  Shared

    Thank you.

  • Just enable DHCP on the LAN2 interface and then create firewall rules on each interface that blocks traffic destined to the other segment.

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