Not able to ping the host from opt1

  • I have setup like two WAN & One LAN.

    WAN1 - Active ISP with static IP
    OPT1 - Active ISP wiht DHCP.
    LAN -

    I am trying to ping from the diagnose utility from the pfsense  i got the reply from the WAN interface. but when try to ping from the opt1 it fails. >:(

    I am trying to install in fail over mode.
    Thanks for your help in advance

  • That's normal behavior as also noted on the page.

    As a test I sometime use traceroute to my monitor ip or to other dns servers I've added a static route for.

  • Thanks…
    Do you added this route manually.

  • yes (system ->) if it's not the monitor ip as a static route is auto created for those.

  • Thanks
    I tried but failed to create the same.

    I am not able to setup dual Wan auto fail over configuration. it's working fine on wan 1 but when wan 1 fails it's not shifting the LAN traffic to OPT1

  • Can you show a screenshot of your pool and the firewall rules on your LAN?

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