Freeswitch package features.xml explanation please

  • Hi all, and mostly mcrane  ;)

    In the features.xml of the pfsense package I can see this example:

    <extension name="dx"><condition field="destination_number" expression="^dx$"><action application="answer"><action application="read" data="11 11 'tone_stream://%(10000,0,350,440)' digits 5000 #"><action application="execute_extension" data="is_transfer XML features"></action></action></action></condition></extension>

    This feature is definetly one that I need, but how do I use it?

    What do I press during the call?

  • What device are you using? Linksys Pap2t per chance?

  • I have a couple of devices, one is a Linksys SPA901 (the simplest unit), there are also a Gigaset Dect unit (one is S65, two others are gigaset3000), and also an SNOM unit.

  • no input on this?

  • Honestly I hadn't tried that method because my phone have transfer. But I took and experimented a bit for you and found the solution.

    The feature you are referring to is in the features.xml file with an extension name of 'dx' in the main dialplan under Local_Extension is a meta application that calls uses the 'dx' extension name.

    When you are in a call dial *1 you will then hear a new dial tone dial the number followed by #.

    Your phone may need to allow * plus the single digit in its dialplan. On the linksys phones this is represented with a *x. Here is my dialplan from a linksys spa962. Extension -> Dial Plan:

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