DNS Forwarder and stuff

  • Hi, first of all sorry but I don't really have the time right now to test this as I should. I apologise in advance.
    I'm an ALIX2C3 user, and installed pfSense nanobsd 2.0.0b1 since last night (came from 1.2.2 and imported the config) and so far looks very good, but I found two issues:

    1. The DNS Forwared doesn't always edit the right host entry. Sometimes when editing… let's say id 1, it shows id 2, or stuff like that. The service also got disabled by itself three times when editing hosts.

    2. I'm hosting a few web sites, and when using pfSense 1.2.2 didn't have to make any static host on the DNS Forwarder, they just resolved to my public IP from the LAN and I was able to enter all my websites from my LAN using their public IPs (pfSense interface). This won't work now with pfSense 2.0.0b1; I had to make statics for all my websites so they resolve to my internal IP from my LAN (or else I got a page saying "invalid request"). Is this by design or is an error?

    And thanks for the good work, this system is getting better and better every day!

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