Traffic shaping rule for MU Online

  • hi guys,

    i just enabled traffic shaper and given priority to voip and web traffic, however i want to add another priority i.e., MU Online which runs on port 44405 and 55901, how do i add this rule to traffic shaper?

  • I suggest cloning rules that have traffic of this priority and altering the ports to match your needs.

  • i made a rule like these:

    If          : LAN->WAN                 
    Proto        : *
    Source        : LAN net  Port: 55901
    Destination  : *  Port: 55901
    Target        :  qGamesUp/qGamesDown
    Description  :  m_MU_Online_outbound

    If          : WAN->LAN                 
    Proto        : *
    Source        : *  Port: 55901
    Destination  : LAN Net  Port: 55901
    Target        :  qGamesDown/qGamesUp
    Description  :  m_MU_Online_inbound

    Are these rules correct?


  • You shouldn't use sourceports at the clientside, they are most likely random.

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