Preconfigured PFSense Box Information, Reviews, Advice Requested

  • Hello, I was looking into getting a backup box for the pfsense box that we already had and was looking into using just an old dell optiplex pc. My local computer shop brought up the option of purchasing a preconfigured pfsense box as an alternative. I can find a bunch of resellers that sell them but I can not find reviews on specific devices in regards to reliablity, pros, cons, etc.
    Can anyone point me to a resource that would be able to help me out in my research for this please? Or what are your experiences with preconfigured boxes? Are they easier to use, maintain, support, etc?
    Any information would be very useful. This is going to be for a small company with no dedicated IT staff so ease of use is paramount.

  • the only official reseller that i know of is others can sell it but can not charge you for the software. pre-configured anything are easier for anything as you have support from the person who sold it to you, they have to (US at least) provide some type of after sale support, not sure of the min duration though.

    Are you the in house tech?

    For support if you dont buy from them, theres the book and the forum and the main website for recommended min hardware as well as the official support from BSD Perimeter, there is also support from other companies/individuals as well, so its up to you as to the route you choose to go.

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