Pfsense 2.0 beta OPT1 dns is working comparing to 1.2.3 version

  • Hello All,

    I love pfsense and new 2.0 beta is just real beast!!! The only one thing is bothering me is in 1.2.3 STABLE release after I created OPT1 using stable IP and giving DHCP options I would not be able use DNS that should be overridden by DHCP from WAN. That option was enabled. And rules in firewall was added but never DNS on OPT1 worked. I have just installed 2.0 beta, did the same scenario and DNS on OPT1 is working without adding any rules besides in Firewall that looks the same like in LAN in fresh installation.

    Lets forget about 1.2.3 and focus on 2.0 Beta. IS there anything must be done or this is just my lucky day that DNS on OPT1 works with firewall rules on OPT1 tag that looks like in LAN in fresh installation?

    Please advice. Thank You and have a nice day.


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