VLAN Problem after hardware changing of pfsense

  • Hi, on my network I have 4 hp-2810 procurve connected in trunk with each other, I have configured my VLANs and all this  works pefectly. I'm using pfsense as a firewall/router and I need to change the firewall hardware, replacing it with a Dell R610 importing the same configuration of the my old pfSense, I have test it, and the default lan wokrs fine.
    But, when I put the new firewall on the existing configured 2810 procurve (the first one, the same i use with the old firewall),
    I have no connection, no IP. No one of VLANs works. Only the default lan works, no other.
    It seems like there is a ARP cache, so  i try to poweroff the switch (clear the arp too), unfortenly it does not resolv the situation. I'm forced to use the old pfsense for now.

    I've checked my vlans on my new pfsense, they are assigned correctly.
    Tomorow i think to restore the default configuration on the new pfsense and reconfigure it manualy once again.
    Any other idea?

  • Solved.
    Imprting the configuration from a different hardware is not such a clean configuration.
    I have made a new configuration manually and all work perfectly.