New Network Monitoring System (similar to nagios except easy to setup and use)

  • The past few months I have been developing my own network monitoring system and the initial beta release is now available:

    SALAM - Simple Agent-Less Availability Monitor

    Turnkey SALAM v0.1 Beta

    It is similar to Nagios, but much easier to setup and use, it will check for responses from your servers/routers/firewalls/etc. and alert you of any problems.  The beta release is based on Turnkey Linux(Ubuntu), so it is a bootable cd and able to run in live mode(however in live mode you can't save any changes). After install just go to:
    http://<ip address="">/salam

    Let me know if you try it out!</ip>

  • Thanks! I'll keep an eye on this! ;)

  • Take a look at zabbix ;-)

  • Already tried zabbix, it was one I was at least partially successful with, but still didn't do what I wanted(focused mostly on agent based monitoring, and the agent kept crashing on my windows boxes)…also tried pandorafms, centreon, zenoss, opsview, openNMS, and about 5+ others I can't remember.

  • I just released the first release candidate…I also added native WMI checking(no wmi repeater/server like most others), so you can check the status of specific services on windows machines, along with available memory and hard disk space.

    Even though this is the first version, it is very stable, I have been using it at several different sites for over 4 months now with no problems.  Give it a try(even just use it as a live cd or in vmware player) and let me know what you think.

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