Problem with metric on static routes?

  • Hi

    my setup is:

    Location A with two dsl lines.

    Pfsense on serving the general inet for the /24 as standard gateway  and a VPN router doing the other dsl line on as VPN gateway to location B,C,D and E.

    I have setup static routes on the PFsense box for the other locations with the VPN router as the gateway which is working so far.

    Only Problem is now when Clients on Location A connect to a Terminal Server on Location E sometimes they cant even login or the connection dies some seconds after the login.

    Before the PFsense box there was an old Netgear router which had the possibility to also give a metric to the static routes. for location E it was 4 and Metric 2 for the routes to B,C and D.

    I put the old router again and the connection Problem disappeared.

    So now i dont know its cause i cant give the route to location E a higher metric or is there a problem with the firewall rules? I didnt made a custom setup there, Its a standard setup.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • Enabling "Static route filtering" under System -> Advanced solved the Problem.

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