Hardware failure, but same machine

  • I have a server that the nics have failed in, and I have the same machine with the exact same hardware.  I pulled the drive from the server with problems and put in the backup machine but when I boot it it's asking me to define the interfaces.  Is there a way to make it read the config on the drive so I don't lose the config on the unit?



  • I expect that the software isn't seeing the interfaces as being exactly the same as they were on the old machine. For example, the old and new machine might both have Intel NICs on the motherboard ("exactly the same") but one is handled by the fxp driver and one by the em driver. These are different interfaces as far as the software is concerned. So, for example, on your old system WAN may have used fxp0 and LAN used bge0 ad on the new system there is a bge0 but no fxp0 (em0 instead of fxp0). In this case you will have to redefine your interfaces.

    Some manufacturers put different chipsets in wireless NICs but don't change the model name/number. I don't know how widespread this practice is on wired NICs (I have seen at least one instance of it) or motherboard NICs.

  • Must have just been a fluke as I have powered on/off again a couple of times and it comes up correctly now.  It's all good.


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