N00b load- balancing problems. v2 beta

  • Hi everyone. i'm sorry if this subject already covered, but i couldn't see the answer to my questions in the threads i browsed.

    I'm a beginner to Pfsense. i've used IPCOP before but am playing around with Pfsense because one of my customers has more that 1 WAN. (2 x ADSL & 1 x mb/s "leased-line fibre optic")

    the problem i'm having is that i can only find tutorials on load-balancing with fail over for pfsense 1.2 (1.2 doesn;t want to work the onboard NIC on the motherboard used in the 'puter)

    i'm more than capable of following a tutorial, but the interface for laod balancing is so different, i've become unstuck.

    If someone could spare some of their valuable time to assist this N00b, i'd appreciate it. i've spent over 8 hours growling at the web-interface with no luck as yet. i'm sure it's something i'm doing wrong with the pools. (complete guess)


    oh, by the way, all the interfacees are up and running, i can get to the web-interfaces of ALL the WAN routers, however, traffick only seems to be leaving the property on the WAN interface and not on OPT1 or  OPT2

  • I followed this:


    Policy based routing doesn't seem to work in the snapshot i'm using though (20-1).

  • augh! someone shoot me! LMAO. I recognize that thread, but could never find it. I spent DAYS trying to setup connection load balancing and only was able to figure out multi-wan connection. I had thought it was a bug that some settings were missing from the "pools" section. This alone is going to be a nasty migration for 1.x users. LOL.

    Now I can spend some time setting up multi-wan now that I have that thread loaded up in a  new tab. Thank you. :)

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