Traffic shaping a corporate leased line.

  • So while i may be at risk of getting flamed, I am finding it difficult to decipher what people are saying in other threads so I could transfer the information to my current probalem.  I though it best to start my own thread.

    My Current setup is as configured as per this diagram:

    So to briefly explain, we have 2 local networks with independant firewalls leading to their own internet subnets on the local side of our internet facing cisco router.  The leased line is a 2mb line in both directions.  The pfsense box is currently configured in bridging mode so it is transparently forwarding packets to the cisco.

    I have played with the packet shaper but i dont think that i have set it up correctly as things are running slower now than they did before.

    What i woudl like to achieve is the following:

    H323 Video conferencing traffic has the highest priority and can always get at least 512k traffic.
    PPTP (GRE) VPN Traffic can always get at least 1mbit of traffic
    SMTP In/Out gets 256k but can borrow up to 1mbit if its available.
    HTTP Traffic Inbound (to the web servers) gets a dedicated 256k but can borrow up to 1mbit if its available
    Everything else in and out uses any spare space on the line.

    The main point I would like to achieve is that if there is no H323, no PPTP, and no SMTP traffic, the outbound surfing has full use of the 2mbit.  Is this possible ?

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