Does squid throttling work?

  • I'm just courious, does squid throttling work in latest 27.09. snapshot, does it work with in conjuction with ques created with shaper wizard, and if it works I'd like some instructions how to make it to throttle multimedia files, cos it I cant make it work on my own.


  • It works outside of the shaper.  It should work, if it does not then we need to either fix it or remove the option.

  • Well I set filters for throttling and I set throtlle speed , but nothing seams to be hapening, it allways uses my full bandwidth.
    My shaping works really fine, but i wanted to throttle certain type of files even further by fixed amount but it doesen't seam to be working, if there is some special kind of procedure of setting this up, could you please share it here :).


  • Please take a screen shot of the Squid settings screen and also show your /usr/local/etc/squid.conf file

  • I'm sorry but when i try to load file "/usr/local/etc/squid.conf" form edit in web interface i get file not found. :(

  • Woops, that is suppsoed to be /usr/local/etc/squid/squid.conf

  • Incidentally, the delay pools and "throttling" settings for squid are really notoriously hard to test unless you know what you're doing and how squid works.  I recommend taking a look at the squid mailing list for some recommendations on the best ways to ensure that this stuff is working for you because there's a lot of really weird entropy that can come into play.

  • Here is my sqid config, in gui I set it to 30 kilovayts per sec, but i dont see it anyware in config file.

    icp_port 0

    pid_filename /var/run/
    cache_effective_user proxy
    cache_effective_group proxy
    error_directory /usr/local/etc/squid/errors/English
    visible_hostname localhost
    cache_mgr admin@localhost

    cache_access_log /dev/null
    cache_log /var/squid/log/cache.log
    cache_store_log none
    acl localnet src

    cache_dir diskd /var/squid/cache 500 16 256
    cache_mem 8 MB
    maximum_object_size 4 KB
    minimum_object_size 0 KB
    cache_replacement_policy heap LFUDA
    memory_replacement_policy heap GDSF
    offline_mode off

    No redirector configured

    acl all src
    acl localhost src
    acl safeports port 21 70 80 210 280 443 488 563 591 631 777 901 1025-65535
    acl sslports port 443 563
    acl manager proto cache_object
    acl purge method PURGE
    acl connect method CONNECT
    acl dynamic urlpath_regex cgi-bin ?
    no_cache deny dynamic
    http_access allow manager localhost
    http_access deny manager
    http_access allow purge localhost
    http_access deny purge
    http_access deny !safeports
    http_access deny CONNECT !sslports

    http_access allow localhost

    request_body_max_size 0 KB
    reply_body_max_size 0 allow all
    delay_pools 1
    delay_class 1 2
    delay_parameters 1 -1/10485760 30720/10485760
    delay_initial_bucket_level 100%
    acl throttle_exts url_regex -i "/var/squid/acl/throttle_exts.acl"delay_access 1 allow throttle_exts
    delay_access 1 deny all

    http_access allow localnet
    http_access deny all

  • Strange, I do:

    delay_parameters 1 -1/10485760 30720/10485760

  • @submicron:

    Strange, I do:

    delay_parameters 1 -1/10485760 30720/10485760

    Damn pwned. :)

    But that still doesent change the fact that there is no throttling. :D

  • Have you read any of the threads in the squid mailing list about throttling and delay_pools?  What exactly are you using to determine that they aren't working?

  • Been busy last couple of days, gonna check that out.

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