Multiple Cisco VPN Client pass through

  • Hi

    We have one site still using an IPcop firewall and we are about to migrate to pfSense. That site currently have an issue with multiple cisco VPN clients and I wonder if pfSense will resolve the issue or whether I need to look at a different solution.

    The problem is that we have several people using the Cisco VPN Client inside the network connecting to the same external customer site. One connection works perfectly but when a second client connects the first conection is disconnected.

    Is this an IPCop issue or a Cisco problem?
    Would installing pfSense help us to resolve this?

    Thanks for any suggestions

  • I have seen this issue in the forum with pfsense as well. The issue was not resolved before the user's need was eliminated. The only difference was that the first client would maintain the connection and others could not connect. If I remember correctly, there were a couple of suggestions.

    One was to set up a static port for outbound NAT so that the port was not changed when going through the pfsense firewall.

    The second suggestion involved ensuring that the customer site supported NAT-T.

    I would be interested in hearing whether the static port option resolves the issue.

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