Extended configuration / limiting the transfer of

  • Hi all welcome,

    I'm new to the forum and fresh in FreeBSD and pfSense, this is a great and comprehensive solution, therefore, wants to use them in my project.
    So, wants to create a solution whereby you can sell / share the internet. Internet would be made available to commercial customers using PPPoE HotSpot would also be brought to a certain group of users free, a solution that was located on one machine which was to pfSense redundant (reliability above all :)). Authentication to be based on freeradius server who was to be on another machine with pfSense (also redundant), security at the crossroads of the Internet will also provide a firewall based on pfSense (obviously redundant). Will be 4 groups of users, each group will have access to other data transfers are 3 groups of commercial users and 4 are the HotSpot users, the group also will have different access to services.
    So I have some questions about the configuration of pfSense:
    limiting the transfer of users can be set in freeradus, but how? anyone knows advanced configuration? band can be attributed to a specific person or the whole group? as a troubled group of users?

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