Haproxy - please include leastconn algorithm

  • I'm not sure if this requirement/wishlist should be posted here, but in any case if is necessary please move.

    Since haproxy package (1.3.xx version) included in Pfsense 1.2.3 has a series of balance algorithm, RoundRobin and Source, there are other alternatives that
    should be included, is this case "leastconn" algorithm. According to haproxy  documentation said:

    The server with the lowest number of connections receives the connection. Round-robin is performed within groups of servers of the same load to ensure that all servers will be used. Use of this algorithm is recommended where very long sessions are expected, such as LDAP, SQL, TSE, etc… but is not very well suited for protocols using short sessions such as HTTP. This algorithm is dynamic, which means that server weights may be adjusted on the fly for slow starts for instance.

    In our and maybe others cases is the best solution for our cluster/failver/load balancer platform. Any way, I have been solved temporaly this issue doing by me self these changes and have worked without issues (I have attached a txt file). If you need this, you have to replace this file into "/usr/local/www/" directory and that's all, please renamed to .php extension. If any haproxy maintainer or developer has a opinion we would be appreciated to listen.

    Best regard,
    Kamus :)

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