FTP help for a newb

  • I've gone through the sticky up top, but still can't get an inbound ftp connection.  Here is what I have:

    -1 WAN with a dynamic dns entry for my WAN IP
    -A standard 192 network internally
    -My ftp server is on, listening on port 21, with 30000-30005 listed as passive ports

    This is my first true firewall setup, so I'm unsure how the port forwarding and firewall rules are suppose to be set up.  Also, I have no idea what the CARP entry is suppose to be used for.

    If someone can point my to a tutorial, or maybe walk me through step by step how to set this up, I would be eternally grateful.

    thanks in advance!

  • Basically, it really is as easy as "Option 1", in the top sticky.

    Set up the "helper" on the WAN interface.

    Forward FTP using NAT rules, to


    If that doesn't work, what do you see, from the FTP client perspective, your FTP server, and in the pfSense logs.


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