Outgoing FTP on WAN2

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm currently trying to allow outgoing connection to ftp through pfsense. I have the following configuration:

    LAN1              WAN
          \            /
            Pfsense  – DMZ
    LAN2              WAN2

    I want the Ftp connection to go through WAN2 only. I did the following rules:

    • Allow TCP/UDP from LAN2 Net:any to
    • Allow TCP/UDP from LAN2 Net:any to any:6000-7000
    • Allow TCP/UDP from LAN2 Net:any to any:20-21

    In my filezilla, I selected active mode.
    I manage to connect to the FTP but I can't list the directory and can't seem to find anything more blocked in the log of pfsense. I tried with FTP-helper enabled or not enabled on LAN2 but without success.

    What am I missing? Is there anyway I could improve the previous rules?

  • Nobody Knows?

  • to understand couple of things.
    the rules you applied are giving for LAN2 Network devices access through the pfsense firewall to any IP with the specific ports as 20-21 and 6000-7000 and also access to the Pfsense localhost FTP helper ports.

    so what is relation  between the rules to the cause?

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