How to filter like "facebook" this word in pfsense??

  • hi, i am a pfsense new, how can i filter the "facebook" this word ? in which package?? thanks

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    No can do. Pfsense does not have L7 filtering in the release versions….

  • can i block the facebook domain ?? or block facebook the ip address??

  • If you're comfortable using OpenDNS servers for DNS then you can setup an account with them to block out Social Networking sites but this will block more than Facebook, it will block out MySpace amongst others.

  • You can put in the Squid blacklist via the GUI…the IP(s) would probably work there too.

  • I've had a customer ask about blocking both myspace and facebook and am in a position where I could probably do it with snort (at least non-https traffic) or squid. We had a long conversation about it and left it open for now. People will tend to look for ways around forbidden things, and that creates its own set of security challenges. The end users may resort to proxy sites that aren't safe and in the end, that could create even bigger threats to network security.

    The right answer is adequate supervision and/or hiring only mature employees capable of self-restraint.

  • Thanks your suggestion…......thanks again

  • @mhab12

    They can access facebook if they use HTTPS.. Blocking facebook is useless if you have 443 opened. You cannot remove 443 too because people need to access gmail and other email that uses 443.

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