Failover for website from static to dynamic?

  • My basic setup for my home office:

    Comcast Cable Modem - 20/2.5 mbps avg (WAN/WAN1 - dynamic IP)

    Speakeasy DSL - 1.2/0.6 mbps avg (OPT1/WAN2 - Static IP)

    On my DSL service I have a static IP associated with a domain name and my LANH web site available to the outside world.  My friends can access my web site via the domain name and/or via the IP address.  That always goes directly through the OPT1 interface (port forwarding works great).

    But if my DSL/OPT1 interface fails, I would like to know if there are any tricks for failover which can switch to the Comcast dynamic service using a Dynamic DNS service like ZoneEdit?

    When I look at ZoneEdit (and I suspect they all work the same) you have to reset the IP address in the domain service to point to ZoneEdit.  I only want to use the dynamic DNS service when the DSL fails.

    Thanks in advance for any tips,

  • Most of those dyndns services require some sort of client to update their site with your current DHCP'D address.  I didn't see any client with pfsense so where / how does the IP get updated when the provider changes it?  Maybe you could use DNS to create a record to your dynamic assigned address such as which has your updated Comcast address.

    Example (Static from Speakeasy)  DNS

    www IN A <your public="" ip="">www IN A <>This would allow both ip's to serve your website however, if one fails 50% of the traffic will be sent to the failed one since DNS will round robin the serving of IP's.  Also even if you were to get a service that would update your DNS record when the other failed there is no guarantee that other servers have not cached the static one so they will return the wrong IP anyway.  My advice, if this site is kind of important to your home office or/ business, is to simply get it hosted.  There are some cheap hosting providers out there and your site will probably only go down based on something you did.  Simple google search found  For $48 a year its easier than worrying about when your residential service will go down.

    From your other post you will almost always have access to your site b/c you have redundant outgoing connections.  This is probably the best solution.</></your>

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